Know Thy Impact

13 letters, 3 words, a short phrase…one powerful statement!

As I reflect on Hattie’s work and the influences that have a high impact on student achievement, I can easily become overwhelmed with the complexity of the work that lies ahead of us.  Many of the influences that are high on the barometer are what I consider to be “cultural changes.”  Cultural change requires the commitment of all members of the learning community to look deeply into their own beliefs and come to agreement on where the school has been and where they want it to go. These changes can be the most difficult to tackle because they are deeply rooted in the way our system functions.

Without a doubt, teachers play a key role in the educational system.  Our beliefs and commitments are the greatest influence (in which we have control) on student achievement.  How will you “challenge yourself” this week in knowing your impact?


Hattie Ranking: Influences and Effect Sizes Related To Student Achievement

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